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Available Properties In Dallas


Dallas’ #1 Real Estate Wholesaler

New Western Acquisitions in Dallas Texas offers a unique, one-on-one experience for real estate investors, regardless of their expertise. Our mission is to find the absolute best Dallas investment homes perfectly suited to our clients’ needs.

The Dallas wholesale real estate market is ever-changing and complex, so our entire team is fully immersed in the nuances of the Dallas and also Fort Worth markets. Our agents are fully-licensed, very experienced and highly-trained, and they use this knowledge to find real deals with substantial equity for those interested in wholesale properties in Dallas.

New Western Acquisitions in Dallas is your number one real estate wholesaler providing as-is investment houses to investors across DFW.

We Sell Investment Houses in Dallas, TX

Seasoned investors love New Western Acquisitions because not only do we work very quickly to provide them with MLS deals, but we also have many Off MLS deals too.

These are unique wholesale real estate in Dallas opportunities based upon our many relationships forged over the years that cannot be found elsewhere.

Fifteen minutes spent talking with a representative and getting on our list could mean an extra 10-15 or more deals each month that you won’t see elsewhere. It couldn’t be easier to see more money-making deals at zero cost every month!

There’s a reason why we’re one of the top sellers of distressed properties in Dallas and all across the nation.

Seasoned Investors Love Us Because We:

  • Are one of the nation’s TOP real estate investment companies
  • Provide OFF MLS deals they can’t find elsewhere
  • Work quickly and efficiently so they earn their PROFIT on schedule
  • Have a SIMPLE process for wholesale real estate pros

We are also the perfect place for those getting into Dallas real estate investing for the first time. Investors who are relatively new to wholesale real estate also love New Western because the services we provide are completely free of charge. This includes full access to our large network of potential deals, which we have built using considerable resources for the benefit of our valued clients.

We provide you with all the market data and tools you’ll need, and access to some of the best contractors in Dallas to ensure your first deal is a success.

Newer Investors Love How We Help Them:

  • FIND the perfect property
  • FUND the deal using multiple financing options
  • FIX it with our extensive list of contractors and resources
  • EXIT with the most $ money in their pocket

Sometimes the #1 obstacle to getting started is a basic concern with the process itself. We have many years of expertise working with all types of real estate investment experience, from the seasoned investor to those just beginning. Call us today to learn how you can get started and at zero cost whatsoever.

Your deal will happen in the most seamless and hassle-free way with New Western so that you can focus on YOUR job – making money.

Since 2008 we have bought and sold over $500M of distressed single family. Just listen to what some of our customers say about New Western Acquisitions:


    I'm glad that I was able to work with Rudy Gonzales from NWA Philadelphia on the Newbold deal, and look forward to doing many more deals with you and your team in the future. Everything went as planned, and when like-minded individuals get together….things happen! Tom Kelly (Appraiser) Platinum Real Estate & Appraisals, LLC



    Rudy was able to get me a great multifamily property at a price that worked for me as an investor. It's a property that I was previously aware of, but I did not have the time or resources to go through the process of negotiating with HUD in order to buy it. Once he had it, I was able to quickly inspect the property and buy it from him less than 2 hours after he sent out the email notifying me it was available. I look forward to working with Rudy and NWA Philadelphia for future transactions. Ethan Giller, owner of Giller Realty LLC (Accountant)



    JD hooked me up with my first two investment properties. He helped me analyze the properties and get comfortable with the numbers, the repair estimates, the comparable property values, the rents, and more. He walked through every property with me and he even followed up after the deal to make sure everything was going okay. I will definitely be buying from him again. Ryan Hawkins



    My name is Devin Mahdi and I am a new property investor. Although I have not purchased a house yet JD has never once pressured me nor made me feel any less of an investor. He is fully aware of my situation and works with me every step of the way. He is always around when I have a question. Extremely pleasant to work with. I will be purchasing my first property in this last quarter of the year. Thanks JD for this opportunity. Devin Mahdi



    Travis understands single family rental homes investors need . He is very passionate about helping the investors and building long term relation ship. He is very quick in responding to the queries. I am looking forward to use full services of New Western Acquisitions and Travis for my investment plans. Anand Dasari